I should have let you know sooner.

It looks so real.

You should've done it with us.

Don't ignore the most important question.

They knew how to make iron.

Randal asked Straka's father to buy him a ticket.


It's the perfect weekend music!

Jared must be bored half to death.

Jean decided to go to Australia.

I do not like Fay's living there alone.

I'll take a vacation this week.

When you cross the bridge, don't look down.

She stood among the boys.

How did he find that out?

King doesn't smoke or drink.

Don't ask me for forgiveness. What's been done has been done.

We'll meet again in three hours.

I defer to your judgement.

The government has declared its intention to reduce taxes.


Mariou will be back in three hours.

Sri loved the song even though the lyrics were in a language he didn't understand.

Isn't it true?

That's a cheap store.

What's making you uneasy?


I have just had one of the worst days of my life.

Will you be home for Christmas?

Ima sighed.

The stress began to tell on his heart.

Stanley really nailed this one.

Good always triumphs over evil.

Sergeant says the two of you have a lot in common.

You have to meet my children.

You don't owe Fletcher anything.

All you can do is to wait.

I couldn't have predicted this happening.

You're going to need an alibi.

Dan experienced a spiritual awakening.

I'm terribly hungry.

It's not good enough.

They said I could leave.

I hope you don't mind if I can't make it to your party at the weekend.

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Do you think we can find someone to replace Rathnakumar?

Our food supplies will last till April.

That's how it went down.


That's really distressing.

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Joyce doesn't really like dogs.

Brandi adopted Spudboy's idea.

People keep asking Dan how many languages he can speak.

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Susan likes cats.

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You should've told Sassan your name was Phiroze.

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When exactly did you see Karl?

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I advise you to go to Boston with Pedro.


My grandma just drank a bit of soup.

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She doesn't admit that she is wrong.

We had a very good time at the dinner.

Try to do one thing at a time.


I can't put up with this man anymore

It was very hard.

At the time, Japan was faced with a host of diplomatic problems.

At last, she was able to contact her old friend.

Donna was too shy to talk to Anne.


No matter how much I think about it, I don't understand it.

I never realized how much Casey liked Marshall.

His voice broke when he was twelve.

Despair was written on the mother's face.

It seemed that there was no one in the village.

It's comfortable.

You're braver than I am.

The arrows fell from the sky so densely, it was as if it were raining spears.

You must get a ticket at the toll booth.

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I don't think we can eat this.

Jeannie seemed preoccupied and clearly wasn't listening to what Allen was saying.

I've never shot anyone.

Do you want me to bring you anything?

I see you are ready.

They'll never agree to that.

A fussy referee can ruin a bout.

Kaj slammed her bedroom door shut.

It would be highly desirable for you to come.

He is none the wiser for all his experiences.

"You're blushing!" "No, I'm not."

Italy has some of the best art galleries in the world.

Let's all think on this together and we might be able to come up with some good ideas. They say two heads are better than one.


People lie every day.

It's about time you got here.

Jeffery said he called police.

You aren't really going to argue with Nelken, are you?

That woman must be his wife.

Am I really sick?

Your task will be to train the employees on the new computer system.

Loukas still hasn't taken down his Christmas tree.

He pulled aside to let a truck pass.

If we can just make it through one more month, we'll be sitting pretty.

I can't abide his rudeness.


Should I be late, don't wait for me.

They're not important.

I couldn't figure out how to open the door.

There are many souvenir shops in the old city.

We will do nothing against your will.

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He was to dine with us.

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Circumstances forced us to put off the meeting.

The boy you killed was your son.

Look, just call me.

I think it's unfair that you can't receive a good education if you're poor.

Most people retire at the age of sixty.

I gave Amy a chance to work with me.

I've steeled myself to face a certain amount of sacrifice, effort and hardship if that's what it takes to fulfill my dream.

I do a lot of things.

He told me point-blank that I was fired.

She was out of breath and she laughed. I was serious and I looked at the dark pupils of her eyes through her dark eyelashes.

My father used to smoke, but now he doesn't.

Lar never does anything on his own.

Marguerite likes the idea.

A happy man or woman is a better thing to find than a five-pound note.

What's your favorite swear word?

Spudboy is out of shape.

What did Troy say he wanted to eat?

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Don't talk to him about politics because it's like a red rag to a bull.

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That boy is in love with his teacher.

I have dual citizenship.

I'm looking for a small suitcase.


Mosur got on the wrong bus.

There were a lot of empty seats the day I went.

We better be going.

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Did you, or did you not, tip Evan off?


Patrick knows French.


He looks wealthy, but actually he's not.

Vilhelm and Arne deserve better.

It is inefficient of you.

Why haven't you done your homework?

Can you imagine him driving such a splendid car?

I feel like I'm just getting comfortable with my homemaking chores.

This is everything I've ever wanted.

Lester suggested that Ann should sell the house.

Smiling sadly, she began to talk.


These are all much the same.


I'm going to get us a drink.

I couldn't think of doing anything like that.

Have you started preparing for the exam to enter the veterinarian program at the university?

Let me think about it a little longer.

Carole'll lose.

Naresh put the kettle on the stove.

I'm very sorry about this.


Which one do you think Gordon will choose?

Stop worrying about that and focus on your work.

You can tell him what you want.

The pulse ox sensor couldn't get a good O2 sat reading because Joni's hands were so cold.

Have you figured out the math problem yet?

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His anger was terrible to see.

There was no indication that anything was wrong.

I'll miss my teammates.

"You're Mr. Ogawa, aren't you?" "Yes, I am. How can I help you?"

The children are safe.

These articles are "hors taxes".

The only thing he's thinking about is seeing her.

Let me think for just a second.

Look! We've missed the bus.

He's a gigolo.

"Is your wife British?" "She isn't British, she's Scottish."

Klaus wouldn't stop badgering me.

She is extremely competent.

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Everyone needs friends.

I want you to put the magazines, pamphlets and whatnot away.

Why do you think I shouldn't trust Elwood?

It was night.

There were animals in the farm.

Picasso is a famous artist.

The more I try to forget about my ex-boyfriend, the more I think about him.


Scott came to me for help.